Tuesday, April 29, 2008

What a show off...

Last week, when Grandma Karen was giving Robby a bath, he decided to show her all of his "tricks". I ran to get the video camera so you could see what a ham he is...


Friday, April 25, 2008

Kissin' Cousins

This week Robby and I were in Seattle to visit family. In just 2 1/2 days we were able to squeeze in time with his new cousin Kylee, cousin Pam, Aunt Verna, Uncle Brian and Aunt Sierra, Grandpa Bob and his Great Grandma Mary.

Robby was really interested in his 2 month old cousin Kylee. He like holding her hand and rocking her in the car seat. Other highlights were: Robby squeezing/hugging cousin Pam, being chased by Grandpa Bob and laughing at his dancing, sitting on Aunt Sierra's lap the minute she walked thru the door, and of course spending time with his Great Grandma.

Thanks for a fun time. We sure miss you all!!!!

^Holding Kylee's hand^

^^Here are the three Robert Holdens^^

^Playing with Grandpa^

^Playing with Great Grandma^

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Swimming Bowl

Last weekend was sunny and warm...so we played and played in the backyard. We haven't had a chance to get Robby's swimming pool yet, so instead he got to splash in a big bowl of warm water. He had a blast running around naked and kept trying to get inside his mini-swimming pool!

This last picture was taken moments before Robby peed on Dad's lap. Rob freaked out and ran upstairs to shower. It was a great way to end the day!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Playing at the park

This afternoon was a beautiful day to spend at the park. This was Robby's first time going down the slide and swinging by himself. What a big boy. His favorite part of the day was feeding the ducks. He loves animals!

Friday, April 11, 2008

The great outdoors

Robby LOVES to play outside. Here are two videos capturing his excitement. Be sure to check out his new hairdo! (he just woke up from a nap).

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Home Sweet Home

For the past 4+ years, Rob and I had been working hard on remodeling our previous home in WA. This project turned out to be more then just a remodel - we nearly rebuilt the whole house. This proved to be one of the most stressful and difficult times in our lives. For over two years we lived without a kitchen, had no floors in parts of the house, and lived with tons and tons of dirt and dust everywhere. We are so thankful to the many people and friends for their countless hours of hard labor. We truly could not have made it without them. I am also very thankful for a husband who had the perseverance to finish a project he's started...no matter how difficult it became.

We would like to thank a few of you for your support & many, many hours of hard labor:

  • Shayne for many hard hours of demo, working under the house in the crawler, advice and other hard jobs
  • Brandon White for electrical, framing, landscaping, advice and tons of other odd jobs
  • Aubrey for your delicious home cooked meals for the years we didn't have a kitchen and for the countless hours of missing your husband because he was at our house working
  • David Hagerhjelm for installing kitchen and bathroom cabinets and countertops, the front door, and many other hard jobs and advice
  • Christie Hagerhjelm for the countless hours of missing your husband because of his perfectionism and many hours at our house working
  • Brian Decker for our new roof
  • Travis Etter for new windows
  • Abe Smith for demo
  • Dan Mello for demo, framing, and many other jobs
  • Mike French for painting, millwork, and many other jobs
  • Plus many other people


Our hard work had paid off. Now we have a new, clean place to call home. We choose Idaho because of many reasons: there's over 250 days of sunshine versus the 110 days in WA. Plus lower cost of living, has less traffic & is less crowded, but it still has all the shops and restaurants as in WA. We love living here...it is very peaceful and relaxing. Its a great place to settle down and raise our family.

Below are some before and after pictures of our remodel job, and some of our new home...

^this is a before shot of our house in WA.
It had a big front yard which we added a driveway^

^New framing for kitchen, dining, bathroom and three new bedrooms^

^Alex and Christian are helping dig out the crawler.
In this whole section of the house we had no floors for a long, long time. ^

^demo in the living room getting ready for new carpet and paint^

^more demo^

^This is the old, dirty kitchen^

^After shots with new driveway, landscaping and garage doors^

^New kitchen^

^New living room^


Our new
Home Sweet Home

^living room^

^living room^

^living room looking up the stairs. Off to the right is my office
and to the left is a small bath and the garage.^

^Kitchen which has a slider to the backyard^

^dining room which has an archway into the living room^

^dining room^

^our bedroom^

^Our bedroom and closet. To the left is our bathroom.^

^Robby's room^

^Robby's room^

^Huge backyard from upstairs^

Rob also has a huge studio where he can work on music; plus an extra room for guests or a future baby's room. We are truly blessed!

Monday, April 7, 2008

Who does Robby look like...

Who does Robby look like? Sometimes the way he smiles or laughs he will look like Rob. And at other times he will look like me. Its too hard to tell...but most of all we think he has my chin, Rob's eyes and big cheeks!

^Robby 1 day old^

^Robby 1 day old^

^Rob 1 week old^

^Rob 1 week old^

^Angela 1 month old^

^Robby 2 months old^


^Robby 5 months old^

^Angela 5 months old^


^Robby 10 months old^

^Angela 10 months old^

^Rob about 12-14 months old^

^Robby 12 months old^


^Angela about 13 months old^

^Robby 16 months old^

^Rob about 2+ years old^