Saturday, September 11, 2010

Summertime Highlights (2 of 2)

This summer our friends Chrisite, David and their two boys were here for a visit. We had so much fun...and so did the boys!

We took all the boys to get haircuts!

This was Jonathan's first haircut...he did
pretty good.

We did alot of swimming, playing and other fun things.
It was a fun summer!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Summer Highlights (1 of 2)

This summer was fun, busy, full of lots of memories and lots of visitors!

During the month of July we had family, family and more family visiting! First up was our best friends Christie, David and their boys Andrew and Evan. Then Grandpa Bob and Grandma Linda. Next, Christie and the boys came back, and then Grandpa Bob and Grandma Linda came back. Somewhere in between that Uncle Art and Aunt Verna stopped by, and finally ended with Grandpa Tom and Grandma Karen! A little confusing? It was so much fun!

We enjoyed lots of warm sunshine, swimming, playing, BBQ's, the fair, the spray park, and the zoo just to name a few.

Jonathan was able to go swimming for the first time with Uncle Art. He LOVED it! I was amazed that he jumped right in and then kept dunking his face into the water. This boy is going to be a little fish!

(We had such a great visit with you Art and Verna! Miss you very much and will see you in a couple weeks!)


Our visit with Grandpa Bob and Grandma Linda is always so much fun! We love seeing how excited Robby gets and listening to his endless laughter when you both come over! We miss you and are excited to see you in a few weeks!

This summer Grandpa Tom and Grandma Karen were able to visit us for the first time! It was a very special trip and they were able to meet their 2nd grandchild! We had a great time visiting, playing and a fun trip to the zoo!
We had a wonderful time with you both and are so glad you came to visit us! We love you and miss you! Hope we can get together real soon!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

1st Day of Preschool!

Today was Robby's first day at preschool! We decided to join with 5 other families in our neighborhood and start a co-op preschool for this year. We have such wonderful neighbors! This school year we will focus on learning shapes, colors, letters and their sounds. Plus we will have holiday parties and field trips! Robby is very excited, and so am I!

Today they all brought a show-n-tell item,
Robby chose to bring his favorite horse
named Dude!

The whole class

Stay tuned the next couple weeks as we are getting ready to post pictures/info about our fun summertime!