Monday, March 23, 2009

The Bounce House

Today we all went to the Bounce House with my Moms group. Its an indooor soccer arena that has 10 huge inflatables set up. Kids get to jump, bounce and go wild. This was our second time going and this time I made Rob go with us. (being pregnant and bouncing around was not a good combination last time!) Robby really liked playing and it wore him out!

The difficult part was trying to get pictures while everyone and everything was bouncing around...

Getting ready to go down the big slide

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Baby update

Today marks my 32nd week. Only 8 weeks to go!

The baby weighs close to 4lbs and is 17in long. From this point forward the baby is supposed to gain about 1lb every 2 weeks. This baby is still more active then Robby was. Whenever I lie flat on my back he really has a fit and kicks me alot. In fact, during my doctors appointments we are supposed to lie on our back to get the heartbeat, and they always comment on how strong his kicks and punches are.

We are excited to meet this little guy...time is going bye fast!

Friday, March 13, 2009

The Science Center

I belong to a mothers group of stay at home moms in our local area. Today we all took our kids to the Science Center. Robby had a great time playing and touching things. Alot of it was too old for him, but he still enjoyed it. He really liked playing in the little grocery store. Everything was just his size - produce section, refrigerater section, shelves of boxed and canned goods, plus cash registers. Rob joined us and had a good time too...

Next week we are going to the Bounce House...stay tunned!