Thursday, October 29, 2009

Jonathan: 6 months old

We can't believe that Jonathan is 6 months old! Time truly goes bye too fast! He has brought so much joy and love into our lives and we are blessed with two great boys!

Here are his accomplishments thus far:
sits up (as of 5 months old)
eats: rice cereal, bananas, avocado, prunes, and sweet potatoes
smiles and laughs
loves to watch everything Robby is doing
cries every time I leave the room
almost sleeps through the night
loves bath time and splashes in the water
loves to go on walks outside
picks up toys with both hands
is always sucking on his fingers
loves to drool

Here are some recent pictures, and some from the past so you can see how much he has grown. (I don't have any recent height and weight stats until his next doctor appointment on 11.12.09...stay tuned!)
6 months old

6 months old

5 months old

5 months old

5 months old

4 months old

3 months old

1 month old

a couple weeks old

1 month old

2 days old

a few hours old

Friday, October 16, 2009

Linder Farms Pumpkin Patch

We visited Linder Farms with our friends last week and picked out a pumpkin. This was Robby's first trip to a pumpkin patch where he was able to pick out his own punkin (Previous years he was too young to understand what was going on!)
I didn't think he would pick out his own, so I decided to pick a small one for him. The one I found had dirt on it, as most pumpkins do. But Robby would not touch it or hold it. To my surprise he wondered through the patch and found his very own little, perfect punkin which didnt have any dirt! Once he found the right one, he carried it all day long. He even wanted to nap with it, but I was able to talk him into letting it sit on his dresser right next to his bed.
We were also able to go on a tractor ride and visit some animals at the farm. It was a fun day!
Robby and Kara

Robby on the search for the perfect punkin!

He found it!

Tractor ride
Running through the maze

Saturday, October 10, 2009


This past week Christie and Drew visited us! Robby and Drew had a great time playing with each other! It was a very busy and FUN week! We thank you for the fun memories and miss you both very much!

Playing at the park

Taking turns pushing each other

Thoughtful hugs from Robby
Playing with buckets and Rob

Rob wore them out!


Playing at Rafiki with the trucks and trains

Robby washing Drew

Playing outside

Playing at Mc Donalds

Jumping off the stairs