Thursday, July 30, 2009

Seattle 1 of 2

These last 2 weeks have been busy! We drove from Boise to Seattle to surprise Grandma Carol for her 60th birthday! It was great to visit with the whole family and friends. The highlight of the trip was at the zoo...Robby and his cousins got to ride a real camel. They all had huge smiles on their faces! Robby also got to ride on a school bus for the first time, a big semi truck and many other things! Here are pictures of all the things he rode on within the last two weeks.

I will post more pictures of our Seattle trip later this week...

Robby riding on Grandma's school bus!

You couldn't even see his head over the seats*******************************************

Robby riding on Grandpa Skip's big semi truck


Robby on his many different types of horsey rides

Riding on his cousin Ari

Riding on a horse on the carousel at the zoo
Riding on a huge moose that's almost taller then Daddy

Riding on a bear

Riding on a real camel at the zoo with all his cousins

Riding on Grandpa Bob

Riding on Grandpa Bob's boat

Monday, July 20, 2009

A surprise visit!

I am way behind on this post...but at least its finally here!

2 weeks ago, we got a wonderful surprise visit from my Mom and Aunt Verna. They were able to meet baby Jonathan for the first time and wear out Robby! It was a great week! We miss you all!

Grandma and baby Jonathan

Aunt Verna and baby Jonathan

Robby at the park

Robby wearing Grandma's big shoes