Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Dirty Boys

Robby and Jonathan love to play in their sandbox. Somehow Robby will stay nice and clean, but Jonathan is the complete opposite! I love watching them exploring their world and learning new things!

Love his tongue in this pic.

Jonathan posing in his new swimsuit!

The boys wrestling just before bedtime.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Jonathan's First Birthday!

April 29th was Jonathan's first birthday! He is such a blessing and joy to our family. Here are some of his recent accomplishments:

Will take about 5-7 steps at a time
Got his first 3 teeth (all within the last two months)
Is constantly eating anything and everything and will sit at your feet and beg for bites
His favorite foods are:
Squash, avocado, real sweet potatoes and yogurt (there is nothing that he dislikes!)
Has started wrestling with Robby
LOVES music and will stop playing or crying to listen to it
LOVES to be outside (especially likes the swings and slides at the park)
Loves the cute girls in the nursery at church
Loves bath time with his big brother
Will climb up on anything
LOVES to be held and snuggle

We will have is growth stats on Thursday...I know he is close to 20 lbs.

Robby is doing great! He is now 3 1/2 years old. His favorite thing in the whole world is still ANIMALS, ANIMALS, and more ANIMALS and talks about them nonstop! He has begun imaginary play which is really fun to watch and listen to. He has learned all his letters and even knows how to spell his name, can count to 20, but somehow always gets mixed up with the number 13, knows all colors and a few shapes. We still need to work on learning numbers.

Here are some recent pics of the boys playing outside:

Jonathan helping me in the kitchen

Robby is opening his Christmas present from Grandma Carol and Grandpa Skip.
Yea! Its his first Big Wheel!
(we had to wait until there was nice weather outside)

Helping Grandpa Skip put the Big Wheel together

Going for his first test drive